"CEO Series: Interview with TOP PT: Kevin Vandi" | Episode 501

In this one, I talk to Kevin Vandi of Competitive Edge PT in San Jose.

I've worked with Kevin from the very early days of him starting his clinic and it's been amazing to watch him grow so fast. I stuck up a connection with Kevin early on as i felt both of us had similar values; that we valued spending more time with our families than we did being a slave to a business. We both agree that a business is there to support an amazing home life and we're prepared to take the necessary steps to achieve it.
If you are a PT in Private Practice - with aspirations to build a company that you can step away from - to make money WITHOUT you having to be the one who treats all the patients - this CEO Interview series is for you.

I am hand picking some of the worlds best PT Clinic Owners who are doing just that - making money while simultaneously stepping back from patient care.

Listen in and enjoy the show and pick up some invaluable lessons on what it takes to get to the point of running a 7 figure business, step back from patient care, and still be home for dinner and present with the family.

If you are just hearing about the CEO series, search back on "The Paul Gough Podcast and Audio Experience" for past episodes with other amazing CEO PTs I have interviewed.

Here is the link to the FREE Guide we talk about: competitive-edge-physical-therapy.lpages.co/run…pg/


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