"5 Impactful Lessons to Transform Your Mindset & Build a Successful Business" | Episode 499

How do you get what you want? Are you tenacious... or do you give up after a couple times...

My son, Tobias, is the definition of relentless when it comes to what he wants. The difference between him and the others kids is that he provides solutions (plural) to his problems and doesn't just go whingin' about them.

Being relentless is absolutely magical.  Because once you've nailed that, you become unstoppable.

Where does that relentless need to show in your life... where is it missing?? Is fear of rejection stopping you?... Failure?

Get up and try a 3rd or 4th time.

In today's podcast, get an exclusive SNEAK PEEK into what my Mastermind Events look like from our workshop style UK Events as I bring to you the most impactful moments I have learned over the past several months.

This is just ONE of the 5 things I speak on in the podcast.

So turn me up nice and loud and enjoy today's show.

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