Guess Who's Back with SEASON 2: Where can You Find Good Staff that Will Stay with You Despite the Labor Shortage Crisis| Episode 468

Guess who's back?

Paul is back...

Tell a friend...

20,000 million other PT podcasters emerge but no matter how many fish in the sea it's felt so empty without PG.

No body wants to listen to other podcasts no more; they want Paul Gough.

Well, if you want Paul, this is what I'll give you.

A little big of marketing mixed with finance, hiring, leadership and sales.

Some PT business advice that will jump-start your practice faster than a patient on the phone to their insurance querying the bill after surgery.

It's been over a year since a Live Podcast...

You waited this long, now stop debating who's podcast you've been waiting for 'cause I'm back, I got my headphones and microphone on 'cause I know that you got a job to do in building your PT practice.

All I can say is that the PT podcast world feels so empty without me, so come on, turn me back on and listen to me loud in your car or on the treadmill in that gym.

And get ready, 'cause this is about to get heavy...

I've learned some great lessons over the last year and I'm going to share them all with you...

I've hired more staff, started new businesses and I got some inspiring stories AND people to introduce you to and we're going to be doing it LIVE every week in 2022.

Go ahead, Everybody, just follow me and hit PLAY and SUBSCRIBE to the ULTIMATE (possibly?) - PT Practice Podcast of all time.

You've got a practice to run and I can help you do it better than anyone else. Lets both get wealthy together (now there's a concept that works).

I'm back (and available ON DEMAND on all the usual places you can get your Podcasts) starting with a big-bang and answering the biggest question of all right now:

"Where can you find good staff who
will stay with you despite the labor shortage crisis?"

The answer?

Find out in just over 50 mins on brand new "Paul Gough Podcast and Audio Experience" - EP468.

P.S Tell your friends...

...that I'm back.

That is a job FOR YOU 🙂


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