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“I Went From 6 Visits A Week…. To Over 40!”: Success Stories | Episode 406

Today we have an amazing success story with one of the members within my community!

I first met Jake 3 years ago when he was at just 6-8 visits per week, fast forward just 3.5 years and he’s now crushing it with a clinic that he owns the premises of. HE has 6 staff, is making over 6-figures in profit and best of all, Jake is working less than 5 hours per week.

Jake is well on his way to owning a business that does not rely upon what he is doing day-to-day to make money.

You’ll hear us talk about things like:
– How he was able to go from 6-8 visits per week, to over 40!
– How he was able to change the “Do you take my insurance?” question.
– His biggest breakthrough in marketing after working with me

For those of you who want to replicate what Jake has done, here’s his path to success with me:

Jake started with Accelerator, then joined my 4% Club Mastermind Program and he’s also now part of my exclusive CEO Club (Round table Mastermind) that is for the top performers of my community; it’s a program that is for owners who want to remove themselves from the day-to-day operations of their clinic.

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