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“Your Business Does Not Control Your Life!” : Life Lessons | Episode 390

A business owner on a previous group call came on to explain how anxious he has been feeling with his business. Whenever a hiccup happens, he is looking at himself thinking he is failing at executing his plans, while also failing to allow himself to grow as an individual, continuing to fuel this anxious feeling. Unsure what to do, he asks Me how I’ve been able to manage my life and business’ together.

Tune in as I explain my life altering experience in America on a hot summers day in Florida, that completely changed the way I lived my life and led me to change my mindset from a clinician, into a profitable, multi-clinic business owner.

I am offering a free training on my automated marketing system. This exact system has allowed me to keep his schedule full in my 4 clinics all over the northeast of England, and move to the other side of the world with the peace of mind that the clinics patients are being cared for the exact way I need.

If you want access to this free training, you can book a call with our trainer Barry by emailing him at OR you can head to PaulGough.Com/Infusionsoft

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