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“Insurance V.S Cash Pay Clinics… Who has it easier?” : PGPR 59 | Episode 209

Today you will be listening to the audio version of the Paul Gough Physio Rooms Show “On Location”, where I was in Newark, New Jersey for my five cities in five days, book signing tour.

On this episode, you’ll hear me explain the differences between a cash pay and insurance based clinic, and who has it “easier” when it comes to marketing and converting patients. Listen to this podcast to hear how you can maximize your clinics profit, and how you may have more in common with “the other guys” than you think.

Enjoy the show! And, if you’d Like to DOUBLE your front desk AND treatment room conversions in just 48 hours – come and join me at my Annual Sales and Conversions Bootcamp that’s happening this December, 7th and 8th in Celebration, Florida. For more information reach out to and we can reserve your seat.

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