Telehealth: “How Do I Handle The ‘I’m Out Of Money’ Conversation?” | Episode 316

For today’s episode you will be getting a “behind the scenes” look at our Front Desk Superstars program. Where in this course led by our Staff Trainer, Barry, he is asked two great questions.

The first question asked by a front desk staff member is “how do we know if Telehealth or In person treatment is right for each patient?”

The follow up question to this is great, Barry is asked how they should handle the “I’m out of money” conversation with a patient that has recently transitioned to Telehealth and is at risk of dropping off….

If you like this podcast and want access to this whole call, head to paulgough.com/telehealth, in addition, I am is including email templates and scripts needed to implement telehealth into your practice today!

Our next live seminar is this Thursday, April 23rd, at 5pm. If you want to save the loss of income in your clinic, go to paulgough.com/telehealth.


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