My Own Physio Clinic Closed - here’s my PLAN | Episode 302

So last week I faced many clinic owners worst night mare - my clinic closed completely.

It was not because the government stopped us or that people were staying away. We were experiencing a 20-25% reduction in appointments which although not ideal, was better than many in this situation.

No, the reason we closed was because my staff had concerns over getting the virus and infecting vulnerable loved ones they obviously have to go back and live with every day.

In that respect - it wasn’t my decision or the governments, it was my teams and I was fully behind their decision.

We sat as a team last Monday (on a zoom call) and considered what we can do to continue to keep the company “open” and income coming in and the reality is that we didn’t have a plan B.

We have been exposed as having no back up plan to our in-person visits and we are going to pay the price.

We face the brutal reality of having no patients come through the doors for 3-6 months.

That means ZERO income save for the monies owed to us by people (…that will be almost impossible to collect at this time).

On this Podcast I share with you my PLAN for navigating the next few months without any CASH coming into my clinic.

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