How To Come Out Of the “Corona Virus” Pandemic With a Better, Stronger, More Profitable Private Practice  | Episode 294

In this one I share my thoughts on what it takes to not just survive the corona viruses pandemic - but THRIVE because of it.

Everything in life presents an opportunity and although you might not see it right now - this is one. There’s all sorts of options and opportunities opening up for you right now from how you use your time, to the type of marketing you use and how you get more in alignment with your team. All of the things that will last for YEARS after the next couple of weeks have past.

Here’s a thought: some businesses are NOT being affected in the slightest right now - and some are more than they would like. Why is that? Corona is not discriminating against them or their area — it’s because of how the owners are THINKING about the situation and the ACTION they are taking.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be dedicating more podcasts to how the owners in my Mastermind Community are thriving in this “turbulent” period so be sure to subscribe and share it with your private practice owner colleagues.

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