If You’re Stuck, Is It Time To Hire? : What's On My Mind | Episode 280

In this one I talk about the two specific points in your business life cycle that when you reach you will need to hire - or accept that you will stay stuck.

Many try, but it’s a grave mistake to think that you can just keep growing without hiring… and it’s an even worse mistake to think that you can keep hiring the same “type” of people to get you past $500k in revenue and towards $1,000,000. This is a revealing podcast episodes with many insights for those who have a “phobia” of hiring and have never considered the impact that has on their INABILITY to grow.

Let me also say CONGRATULATIONS to Nicole Laird of Hay’s County Physical Therapy and Wellness Kyle, Texas who is the inaugural winner of the “Review For Tickets” competition we ran. Nicole has won x 2 tickets to one of my big events in 2020. Great work Nicole.


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