How to Perfect Your Marketing By Asking the Right Questions: Flashback Friday | Episode 260

Today’s podcast will be coming from a previous call on one of my Accelerator courses. You will hear me address questions about;

-Finding out what your patient wants out of their treatment by asking them the questions they want to answer

-Using these answers to improve your clinics marketing message

-And how to inform your patients that your clinic will be dropping their insurance, and moving to a cash-based model

If you’ve been listening to these podcasts all week and know you need to improve your clinics marketing systems, this is your last chance to sign up for my new patient Accelerator course. In this program you will learn how to establish your clinics marketing message, automate your marketing to work for you, keeping your schedule full, growing your clinic by 50-250%.

To learn the system I use in my clinics head to www.PTProfitAcademy.com/Accelerator to sign up. Class begins Monday January 27th, do not miss out on this opportunity. Again, sign-up at www.PtProfitAcademy.com/Accelerator.

I look forward to seeing you on Monday! Enjoy this podcast, Cheers😉

Enroll in Accelerator here: www.PTProfitAcademy.com/Accelerator or email paul@paulgough.com to ask a pre-joining question.


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