CEO Series: Interview with Top PTs Brooke Olsen and Annie Brodsky | Episode 212

Just over two years ago Brooke Olsen started her own cash pay practice with her partner Annie Brodsky in Denver, Co…

At the time she thought she didn’t need any help and then her great clinical skills would see them through.

Within 6 months they realized that they had no business plan, no marketing and just no real understanding of what it takes to run a successful practice. They struggled along with 3-4 visits per week.

Fast forward two years and they’ve TEN - X’d their business and they’re now seeing over 40 visits per week, charging over $250 per session and have already employed a full time PT that has allowed them to step back from patient care.

This is a very interesting Podcast and should serve as inspiration to the fledgling podcast listeners who are currently struggling or flat-lined - zero to $500k is possible in less than two years is possible if you follow the right steps.

One of my favorite parts of this podcast is the discussion about fees - and how Brooke and Annie recognized EARLY that you must set your fees high to be able to AFFORD to recruit and continue to fund your clinics growth.

You can reach Brooke and Annie at:


FB: www.facebook.com/thephysiorevolution

IG: @thephysiorev

Email: TheTeam@thephysiorevolution.com

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