CEO Series: Interview with Top PT Christine Astarita | Episode 210

Just over two years ago Christine started a business that was so successful it quickly got her stuck. Making money wasn’t the issue but finding a MODEL for her business that would allow her to serve more people, continue to make money - and actually have some free time for herself was.

This is an episode that I know you’re going to love as we talk about the fears that come with changing your model, stepping back from patient care, telling clients the rates are rising, the difficulties with hiring Its and how to overcome all of those things.

We get to talking about the personal transformation that comes with growing a business, how it’s now difficult to talk to friends and family and lessons learned from the first year of hiring people and becoming a leader of a practice.

I think what you’ll take from this podcast is that it is not possible to think that you can serve EVERYONE without considering that not everyone can be served; that it’s one thing to think that you can serve everyone but how can that possibly last if you’re not serving yourself?

Is it really about them that you don’t want to raise your rates or change the model - or are you worried about what they think of you for doing so? It’s a common internal struggle that many in our profession live with and I’m sure you’ll enjoy listening to this and learning how Christine overcame that same issue.

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