Pranked! What Not To Say On The Phone : Orlando Edition | Episode 203

"Pranked! What Not To Say On The Phone" is a new segment that we have started within the Paul Gough Media Universe. Tune in as I call clinics around the world as a prospective patient that is looking for treatment, willing to pay cash. In this pilot episode I thought it'd be fitting to do a google search in my home town of Orlando, Florida where we randomly selected a clinic to call up. I took the role as a middle aged construction worker who hurt his back, TRYING to give my money away, but this front desk staff member had another idea for me! Tune in to see how this call went...

Enjoy the show! And, if you'd Like to DOUBLE your front desk AND treatment room conversions in just 48 hours - come and join me at the Annual Sales and Conversions Bootcamp that's happening this December, 7th and 8th in Celebration, Florida. Also, if you would like to train your staff how to avoid doing this in YOUR CLINIC, ask how you can book them a seat as well. For more information reach out to paul@paulgough.com and we can reserve your seat.


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