My thoughts on Facebook Ads for Physio Clinics | Episode 181

I’ve been using Facebook Ads at my clinic for about 7 years now; I was one of the very first to jump when Facebook announced its ads that were, at the time, only available to desk top users.

They worked back them - but they really exploded a few years later when ads were displayed in newsfeeds (do you remember Facebook without ads in your newsfeed?)

Over that time I’ve “plucked” many, many new leads and patients for my clinic and in this episode I share with you how we did that.

Facebook is very different from Google and once you understand why and how to use the two different media, you’re going to get much better results.

Note: Facebook Ads (and Google) is something we cover in depth in the New Patient Accelerator Program that starts next week. Enrol at: www.AcceleratorNow.com for the best price.


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