Autonomy - PLUS, The 3 Parts of a Successful PT Clinic Marketing System | Episode 178

What is the whole point of starting a business? I believe that it is to live AUTONOMOUSLY and have the CHOICE to opt out of the dogmatic way of living and thinking that is the wreck and ruin of many people’s chances of success.

In this podcast, I start with why thinking Autonomously is so important for clinic owners, and then go on to explain some classic examples of how clinic owners are failing to do so – especially with their marketing.

It’s common to want referrals from doctors or wait for referrals to come in from “word of mouth” but as you’re about to learn, there really is a much better SYSTEM available to you for getting new patients at your practice.

Enjoy the show, and if you want to join the New Patient Accelerator Program that is mentioned on the show, enrol here now: www.AcceleratorNow.com or send an email to paul@paulgough.com if you have questions.

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