"What do you do if patients seem reluctant to pay cash/ out of pocket fees?": Staff Training | Episode 168

It is day three of the 5 cities in 5 days tour with me. Yesterday I traveled from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Hermitage, Pennsylvania to visit Anthony Roscoe and Marissa at Roscoe Physiotherapy. During yesterday’s staff training a great question was asked “What do you do to a patient that doesn’t want to pay cash/ out of pocket? And how do I handle it?” I took this question and re-framed it asking “What should you do to make them want to become a cash paying patient?”.

Instead of asking “How do I react to a situation?” it is much better to ask, “How do I grow for a situation like this?” this will give you a better understand and preparation in the future for the same situation. I cover multiple angles on how you can establish yourself in your community to ensure that when a patient gives pushback on you being a cash clinic, or towards your pricing. Enjoy today’s segment, we cover a lot on this episode of the podcast and I can’t wait to head off to Portsmouth, New Hampshire to see Carrie Jose of CJ Physical Therapy.

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