The 4 Things Most Clinics are Missing, Part 2: Live From Stage, in Nashville | Episode 159

In this one I'm talking to the amazing clinic owners in my Mastermind program at my most recent Mastermind gathering in Nashville, about 4 of the biggest challenges I hear a lot of business owners facing...

I cover:

  1. Setting fewer goals, but having higher standards
  2. How to Achieve the outcomes you want with daily dedication
  3. Your 3 reasons you are not growing


  1. How to figure out how you will keep your schedule full.

You can listen to the first half of this session and the first four challenges clinic owner face here - https://www.paulgough.com/podcast/ep-118/

Enjoy the episode! and if you think you would benefit from being part of a Mastermind Group like this – either in the USA or in the UK with Paul – the best place to start is with Paul's Strategic Planning Workshop that happens in sunny Orlando every quarter.

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