How To Help Patients Feel Comfortable With Seeing Multiple PTs : UK Mastermind | Episode 156

Today’s episode of The Paul Gough Audio Experience is taken from a Q/A session from my most recent mastermind event in Hartlepool, England. Tune in as I have my clinic filled with top PT business owners from around the world and my own physio staff.

The question was asked “How Do I Explain Our Multi-Therapist Approach To My Patient?” . It is common for a patient to become so comfortable with one Physio treating them, that they don’t want to see anyone else. Although, if you are trying to keep your staffs schedule flowing smoothly, or your own while stepping back from patient care, a multi-therapist approach is key to accomplishing this.

Listen in as my staff and mastermind members give their insights on this, before I give my analysis on the situation and how I would have remedied this problem before.


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