How To Get Comfortable With "Demanding" Patients : Staff Training | Episode 155

In this episode of the show I talk to my staff about how to get comfortable with "demanding" and sometimes difficult to work with clients.

There's always that one patient that comes in each week that everyone feels a little uncomfortable around. It's not just happening because it is YOU or YOUR clinic and it's certainly nothing you have done. That is because every patient has a different personality type (one of four) and it's impossible to NATURALLY connect with them all.

Most clinicians struggle with the "drivers" -- the lawyer or CEO Type - who are a little more forward in their demands and their expectations. Yet, I used to LOVE working with drivers. That's because I figured what to do and say so that they enjoyed working with ME.

As I teach my staff, you can't change the patients, but you can change the way that YOU respond to them and how you let them make you feel.

Also in this episode:

* Why being in control means you must give up control

* The different personality types and how to deal with them

* How to recognize the characteristics of the DRIVER personality types

* What specific questions to ask the difficult patients to get them on side

* How to get demanding patients to "Ease off"

* How to turn drivers into life long patients you love to welcome back to your clinic.

And so much more on this Episode.

You can watch this video on my YouTube Channel here

This issue of dealing with demanding patients is one that your staff might not want to admit to - so this video will make their day when you show it to them and help them get better at working with all of the personality types that pass through your business.



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