"How We Buy Anything, Is How We Buy Everything" : Paul On Fire | Episode 147

Today's episode is taken from a coaching call I had during an old BGS course. One of my students was curious if she should have more than one Unique Selling Proposition.

Listen in to see what my answer to her was, and how I detail what a consumer’s mind is like. Their desire for instant gratification, and how it makes our jobs as Physical Therapists that much harder.

If you would like more information on how to discover your clinics USP, head over to my blog I wrote back in 2016 here

“Having a clearly defined USP makes you DIFFERENT, helps people make better decisions about coming to see you, and if you intertwine it in your clinics communication, it’s also one of the ways you can overcome co-pay and out of network cost objections from patients who are still a little hesitant.” – Paul Gough


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