"Should You Take More Time Off?" | Episode 137

In this one I talk to you about the most important subject in business; taking time off!

There’s so little thought that goes into the importance and need for getting away from your office that I thought before the summer is over, we look at why it is so important. And it isn’t just about recharging your resting and recuperating. Although both are important, the reason I love to take so many breaks from my work is because that is usually where I get all my best ideas. No body gets good ideas in the office and I’ve learned that the breaks I take, the more that I make.

I’m also a huge fan of using holidays as an excuse to “Stress test” my business; to see where the gaps and weaknesses are that I need to fix. Far from being worried if I’ll find any problems – I'm using my holidays HOPING to find them so that I can fix them.

Enjoy the show, and if you’ve ever need a little permission to take more breaks- this podcast is it!


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