Candid Conversations: "Should You Stop Dabbling?" | Episode 125

Today's episode is an interview that I had at SSPT Live: 2019 back in May. In the interview I talk about:

  1. My success I have had up to this point, and how my focus has helped me.
  2. The importance of not being distracted, and "staying in your lane". Or what I call, "Stop Dabbling".
  3. My BIGGEST ADVICE to new PT's in this field.

After the interview is over I stick around to talk to individuals that were watching the interview. Hear how I talk to them about life, the move from England to my home in Celebration, Florida. Followed by answering business questions like how to change your marketing, hiring, and how to find a new hire that will help FIX your problems.

Enjoy the show! And be sure to leave your comments, thoughts, and questions over on Twitter @ThePaulGough or by using the hashtag #AskPG


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