UK 4% Club Mastermind: The Ladder of Success (May 2019) | Episode 124

Here's a highlight from one of my recent Mastermind Group meetings held in my home town, Hartlepool, in the UK.

This one is taken from the first session on Day 1, as I set the scene for two days of learning with some of Britain and Europe's top Clinic Owners.

The topic I cover in this episode is one that always seems to be the most well-received - "The Ladder of Success".

It's important to have this for three reasons:

  1. In order for your staff to be successful at what you hired them to achieve
  2. To turn patients into lifetime customers
  3. And, for you, the business owner to have a visual representation of where your top one or two problems in the business really are...

When you implement this, the difference financially in your business will be profound - and you, your customers and staff will achieve better outcomes and more success.

For details on how to join the UK or US Mastermind Events, go here: www.ptprofitacademy.com/mastermind

Enjoy the show! And be sure to leave your comments, thoughts, and questions over on Twitter @ThePaulGough or by using the hashtag #AskPG


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