Staff Training: How To Explain The Difference Between Your Services | Episode 122

This episode comes on the back of an "issue" in my clinic cause by a lack of communication in my office (Paul Gough Physio Rooms) about what the difference is between a "Sports Massage" and actually "getting Physical Therapy"...

The scenario was this: we had a few patients asking for one but not the other - and we realized this happens because they're not always sure what the difference is.

The reason it is important?

Because the PRICE is different. But our patients perception of what they're getting can be that it all "just feels the same".

You and I see the value in the service our patients should actually go for - but how can they if the difference between a massage and actual PT isn't explained in a way that helps them understand - why it will help them?...

Listen and learn as I spend time talking to my front desk team about how to articulate the difference between all of our services WITHOUT talking about credentials or experience.

Enjoy the show! And if you want to watch this staff training in action - click here to watch the show in full on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nGGk7G0aME&feature=youtu.be

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