CEO Series: Interview with PT Payal Patel and Trainer Cody Plofker | Episode 113

In this one, I interview PT Payal Patel and Cody Plofker of Adapt Performance and Rehab.

The two have been in business since 2017 and they’re already well on the way to creating a $500,000 revenue business as well as stepping out of patient care completely.

We talk about the challenges they faced when they got started, how they picked the wrong type of patient and who they now focus on instead that has let them grow faster and more profitably.

We discuss their recent hiring challenges and the importance of getting the right office manager - as early as possible. We take a critical look at the hiring MISTAKE they recently made and ask what they could have done differently to ensure that the next one is the right one.

You’ll hear my advice to my “28-year-old self” with regards to hiring as well as the importance of a CEO “buying back time” in order to grow the business faster than ever would be possible if you’re stuck inside the treatment room for 35 hours per week.

If you want to follow the path that Payal and Cody took with me, here’s their Learning Pathway:

Step 1: New Patient Accelerator Program (www.ptprofitacademy.com/np-accelerator)
Step 2: Joined 4% Club Mastermind Program
Step 3: Joined CEO program

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Find Payal and Cody online:
Instagram - @adaptperformancerehab
Twitter - @adaptPerfPT
Facebook - www.facebook.com/Adaptperformanceandrehab/

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