CEO Series: Interview with top OT Hoang Tran | Episode 111

CEO Series: Providing An Exceptional Level of Patient Care - Even When You’re Gone (with Hoang Tran of Hands on Therapy Services)

 In this episode I interview Hoang Tran of Doral, Miami. Hong runs an OT Therapy Company that she started in 2014.

Despite starting her clinic just five years ago, she’s already down to just 1-2 hours per week and her business now makes more revenue and more profit that it’s ever done before.

What’s most impressive is that Hoang has done that without having a huge amount of staff; she’s got two therapists a full-time admin, and she’s been able to step back to only seeing patients for 1-2 hours per week.

In this episode we discuss the difficulties you face early on when specializing, how to overcome that, the process Hoang has perfected for hiring front desk staff, how to avoid shiny object syndrome and how she was able to “let go” of feeling like she had to be the one doing all of the treating in the clinic.

I’ve known Hoang for nearly three years now and in that time what I’ve loved about working with her is not just that she has a very successful clinic, but it’s that she has a lot of FUN running a very successful clinic. It’s easy to make money. What’s difficult is enjoying the process and Hoang is someone who has mastered both.

If you want to emulate the success that Hoang has had, here’s the learning steps that Hoang has taken with me:

  1. Step 1: 3-Day Marketing Plan Event
  2. Step 2: Joined 4% Club Mastermind
  3. Took New Patient Accelerator and PT Business Growth School
  4. Joined CEO Program


Hoang's Social media links:


Instagram- @hands_on_therapy_services

Twitter- @handsots

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/handsOTS/


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