CEO Series: Interview with top PT Nick Hunter | Episode 109

CEO Series: Providing An Exceptional Level of Patient Care - Even When You’re Gone (with Nick Hunter of Preferred Physical Therapy)

The CEO series continues… this time it is with Nick Hunter of Preferred Physical Therapy in Phoenix.

I first met Nick 3-4 years ago after he took my "New Patient Accelerator" program and I never forget the first conversation I had with him when I met him and his wife in person. His wife looked at me dead in the eye and simply said, “can you help get my husband back? My kids just want their Dad in the house for dinner”.

Nick had been working crazy hours trying to build up his business to the point it was exhausting and he was missing out on a lot of important family stuff. Fast forward a few years and Nick now has a real business that employs 10 staff and he’s just weeks away from stepping out of patient care altogether.

In 2019 his business is making more revenue, more profit and has hired more people than ever before. On this podcast we talk about how he turned it all around to get from never being at home to see the kids, to having a business that runs and makes money without him.

Specifically, we discuss the importance of having a strong marketing message, how to implement marketing systems, the fear Nick had that held him back and kept him stuck in patient care longer than he would have liked… how he hands over patients who want to see him… what lessons he’s learned as a leader and how he’s evolved in that role… the importance of accountability and, how his business provides an exceptional level of care, even if it’s not him doing any of it.

It’s all coming up in this episode.

Nick’s learning path with me:

Accelerator -> PT Business Growth School -> Mastermind -> CEO program.

The Accelerator Program that Nick started with is available here: www.ptprofitacademy.com/np-accelerator

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