Discovery Visits: "Everybody Has This Bug" (Part 2) | EP:039

Discovery Visits: "Everybody Has This Bug" (Part 2) | EP:039

In this Episode of the Paul Gough Physio Rooms show I continue my conversation about “Discovery Visits” - and how to convert more of them!

This week, I bring my Physio Team’s attention to the important concept of making the patient aware that their problem is a familiar one to us - specifically, to use words “we hear this story all the time”!

Those are 7 magical words that used together make a patient feel as though they are in a safe place - a place that someone else, who is just like them, with a pain/problem just like them - has been before them!

As humans, we are immediately comforted by the knowledge that we are not the first to suffer with a problem - and the decision to do business with a PT Clinic is made much easier when the patient realises that, and it’s our job to point it out!

Listern right to the end as I talk about the importance of “changing the meaning” of what you are offering - which is especially important if you are hearing “i’ll think about it” or “I can’t afford it” in any of your sessions.

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