“How To Deal With Hassle Clients Who Are Not A Good Fit For Your Clinic” | EP:036

“How To Deal With Hassle Clients Who Are Not A Good Fit For Your Clinic” | EP:036

Here’s a brand new edition to the Podcast…

Because so many people have told us they’d like to be able to listen to the Paul Gough Physio Rooms show on the go - we’ve taken note, and made it available for you to download on audio.

This is the first episode of the show(episode 36)going up on the podcast filmed live from my clinic, the Paul Gough Physio Rooms - so now you can listen in while you’re driving, flying, out for a run, and when you don’t have access to wi-fi.

Stay tuned, we’ll add new episodes of the show each time we upload one.

Onto the episode!...

This week, on the Paul Gough Physio Rooms Show we’re talking about “the right service for the right clients”…

Or to put it another way, firing hassle clients!

It’s that fine-line between giving great customer service to the RIGHT client - and recognizing when it’s time to say “bye-bye” to the wrong clients…

It’s easy to think that you have to give a “great service” to everyone…

You don’t.

You should be respectful to everyone - as human beings - but when you identify the WRONG type of client for your practice, the energy and the love needs to be saved for the people who value what you do.

If you’re having issues with clients who “no-show” or are rude or disrespectful - even aggressive or demanding of your staff - then it’s time to step up and show them the door!

Here’s the thing:

At that point, you’ll be accused of “bad service” - or even hear yourself question the service that you’re providing - but the reality is that they’re just a wrong fit for your service.

They want a “Nokia” - you sell “iPhones”.

Why pander to someone who wants something that you can’t deliver on?

This episode was inspired by some “hassle” clients that we have shown the door to recently - and the debate starts with a client who “no-showed” a “free” session, and then get this, later walked back in to ask if they could have another.

Here’s the thing:

The decision to “no-show” happens days and maybe weeks before when the person was ALLOWED to perceive your service as “not all that important”.

After all if they said NO to you - it means they said YES to do something else that they deemed more important.

It’s not about the “script”, it’s not even about “respect” - and it’s definitely not about them…

…it’s about you - and how what you let them believe... influenced the way that they think about what you do.

It’s why it’s so important to understand that your MARKETING is about MORE than just getting patients…

If your Marketing is done right - you can change their perception of you…

If your incoming phone call is RIGHT - you can change their perception of what you do….

If your customer experience is right - you can change their perception of you - and the value you bring etc etc…

And if you do all of that, you are much more likely to get LESS “no-shows”.

Listen in to this weeks episode of the Paul Gough Physio Rooms show as I work with my team to talk through different scenarios of dealing with “no-shows”, what we could have done better or differently to limit the “no-shows” - and ultimately, increase my bottom line without adding any extra expense.

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