[Live Talk] How You Market Anything is How You Market Everything

Alongside the coaching I do for physical therapy clinic owners, I also work with the top online consultants in the health and fitness space to help them grow their coaching/consultancy companies. And this Audio Experience is a live recording of a recent talk that I gave (at a marketing event in Orlando) for Gym/Fitness Business owners that was hosted by one of the consultants I work with…

I was initially asked to talk for 45 minutes about Facebook Ads… interestingly, I hardly spoke about Facebook ads at all and I was still going nearly two hours later…

We spoke about things way more important than Facebook ads; I talked to the room about everything from changing the message in your ads to be more appealing to the right client, told them how to make their marketing more responsive (on any platform), where to get the confidence from that your clients are looking for - and how to build a business that needs less clients but makes more profit.

You’ll hear me take live questions from the audience, and every one of the stories I tell are highly relevant to you as a physical therapy clinic owner. After all, business is business; marketing is marketing; the principles don’t change whatever business you are in or where you are running it.

Enjoy the show.

(FYI, if you are a gym or fitness business owner then you should check out Vince Gabriele of Gabriele Fitness in New Jersey: www.vincegabriele.com - it is his event that you’re listening to me speak at, and he is one of the best fitness business coaches on the planet).

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