Critical Drivers: The Most Important Numbers In Your Practice

This is from the Annual Planning meeting where I bring my staff's attention to what I call “Critical Drivers” of my business.

Many people are aware of the need for KPI’s and Metrics. But I prefer to spend more time focusing on what I call Critical Drivers. The difference is profound; KPI's and Metrics are what DID happen… Critical Drivers are what IS happening.

If you monitor and fix your clinic's Critical Drivers, you never have to worry about your clinics KPI’s because you’ll always know ahead of time how your business is performing before the month is over.

In this session we discuss all of the major Critical Drivers at my clinic – things like arrival rate, no/show cancel, lead conversion, completed plan of care etc., – which, if you think about it, are the things that DRIVE your profit. That’s why if you monitor and manage these things weekly, it means you never really have to worry about your profit or revenue simply because you will know you’re on track before the month is out!

If this is your first time hearing this type of business language – then you should know it is the stuff that we obsess over in my Mastermind Program; you can never grow a predictably profitable PT practice without becoming world class at understanding your Critical Drivers. Many clinic owners try, but that is why so many get stuck and are always left thinking that their problem is solved by more marketing…

If you’re interested in joining Mastermind or learning more about these types of business skills, the best place to start is with my one-day Strategic Planning Workshop that happens in Orlando every Quarter. I work with 20 clinic owners to do 12 months of planning inside of one day. Email paul@paulgough.com to get details of the next class.

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