"If something is worth doing - it's worth doing poorly"! (First hour of the recent UK Mastermind)

This one is LIVE from the first hour of the recent Meeting of my 4% Club Mastermind in the UK - we had business owners flying in from all over Europe, Ireland, Scotland and England to join me for two days of working ON their business...

The first hour of any event is always my favourite part; I share valuable lessons with the group of the things I've learned since the last time we were together...

One of the highlights of this one is my belief that if something is worth doing, "it is worth doing POORLY"!

A little different to how most people see it, but then again, I see most things different from most people...

Enjoy the show and if you haven't done so already, be sure to order my new book: www.paulsmarketingbook.com

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