Hiring: Stop The Madness

This one is a recording of a recent mastermind coaching call I held with my group - and the focus was on RECRUITMENT/HIRING…

A lot of my Accelerator and Mastermind students have grown their business so rapidly in the last few months that the next challenge they are facing is hiring the right people to help them cope with such rapid growth…

It is the logical next in any business’s development - if your marketing is working, then you are going to need more people to handle the increased volume of calls and patients…

In this call I talk candidly about the real reason why there’s so many bad hires, and why ultimately, the whole hiring process is NOT as difficult as people make it out to be so long as you get two or three things right at the start of the process…

It is NOT about hiring people who are a good culture fit - first and foremost, it’s about hiring people with the right skills to solve a specific problem that your business has - who also happens to be a good culture fit. There’s a big difference…

Anyhow, enjoy the show and if you’re at the point in your business where you are having issues and challenges with things like marketing, hiring, leadership, tracking KPI’s and finance, is it time to step up and join my new cash-club program so that we can help you solve them?

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