Keynote: “Clinical Skills got you started, They also get you stuck" (Montreal, March 2018, Day 2)

It’s safe to say that I didn’t hold back during this talk… I was pretty pi**ed off when I walked into to the room to speak as the evening before this talk, the owner of the franchise was telling me about how in Quebec, all of the universities and PT school’s in the area are “brainwashing” the therapists into thinking that selling in healthcare is somehow wrong or bad. That somehow your skills will sell themselves. I hear this type of “BS” everywhere I go these days to the point that it drives me mad!

As a result, you are going to hear one of the most “fire” talks I have ever given as I spent nearly 90 minutes telling 150 Montreal Physios exactly why it is imperative that they learn to sell their services - and who suffers if they don’t.

Brace yourself and you might not want to be listening to this one in the car with your kids…

To hire Paul to speak at your next conference or sales and marketing event, fill out the form here: www.paulgough.com/hire-me

(Note: Paul does not do talks for “free” or “for expenses” - and at the time of this podcast his rate starts at $6000 per talk plus first class travel and luxury hotel).

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