Keynote: “Creating A Sales System”, Montreal (March 2018)

In this one I was invited to talk for two days to speak to huge Franchise of Physiotherapists in Montreal, Canada. “Action Sport Physiotherapy” is one of the most successful physiotherapy franchises in the whole of North America so it was a pleasure to speak to their 25+ clinics and all of their staff.

I was there for two full days and the whole focus was aimed at giving a lesson to the network on how to improve their sales, raise prices and conversions. On Day 1, I spoke primarily to the front desk staff about the need for a system that supports more sales. This is a very different way to look at sales than just “getting more of them”.

This is the first session of day 1 that I am sharing with you - enjoy the learning and if you want to hire me to talk at your teams annual event or a marketing conference, visit www.paulgough.com/hire-me

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