60 Minutes With Vicki Smith - Your Questions Answered!

This is one is from my most recent UK Mastermind held at my clinic in January…

Whenever I hold these events at my clinic I use the opportunity to bring my key-members of staff into the room and let them share their perspective on the things that we do to make the 'Paul Gough Physio Rooms' so profitable.

In this one, I brought in Vicki Smith. If you are not familiar with Vicki, she manages the clinic for me (and also gets heavily involved my coaching and mentorship programs). Listen in to hear Vicki talk to the Mastermind Members in the room about tracking numbers, keeping staff accountable, wowing clients - and how to overcome the common objections that she hears on the phone.

Enjoy the show - and if you are ready to improve your business skills, go here for details on how to join my program: www.ptprofitacademy.com/mastermind.

If you want a better business, you need better skills. My Mastermind program is dedicated to giving you skills in marketing, sales, leadership, recruitment, finance, strategic thinking, culture and more. Details here: www.ptprofitacademy.com/mastermind

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