Culture - You Get What You Tolerate

This one is a segment from a recent Mastermind 2-Day Meeting, that I held at my clinic for a group of top UK physio business owners. You’ll hear me talk candidly to the room about how, when it comes to “culture”, you quite literally, get what you tolerate!

If you tolerate back-biting or gossiping in your office, you’ll get it. If you tolerate employees arriving and leaving early or late, you’ll get it. If you tolerate another week without coaching your staff, you’ll get what you got last week.

At the “Paul Gough Physio Rooms” we have an incredible culture. One that I believe is largely responsible for the sustainable success we’ve had over the last 10 years. In that same time many key employees have come and gone and it has not made one jot of a difference to the results. I sleep soundly at night because the business is the sum of ALL of its parts and is not reliant upon one individual superstar who’s ego writes cheques their performance can’t cash!

I believe you can keep giving staff “perks” or more “financial incentives” but it won’t make any difference in the long term. Winning the lottery will not solve an unhappy marriage.

The question I often get asked when people come to visit my clinic from all over the world is “how do I get a culture like yours at my clinic?” and if you pushed me for the one thing that's responsible for creating what we have today, it is our focus on creating an environment where people can learn and grow, continuously.

The moment you think you are too busy to find time in your work week to develop your staff (or simply allow them time to develop themselves) it is game over for your culture. The happiest people on earth those learning and growing. Our Wednesday morning THREE HOUR meeting is the one thing I would never give up and I hope my competition remain too “busy” to ever consider doing it.

Enjoy the show - and if you are interested in joining my Mastermind program to develop your business skills, go here for details: www.ptprofitacademey.com/mastermind

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