Staff Training At Renewal Rehabilitation, Tampa Bay (FL)


It’s always my pleasure to be asked to come to your clinic and staff train - and when it is the home of Greg Todd, it is all the more exciting…

I listened back to this episode on a flight from Orlando to Houston, Tx, the day after I recorded it and it is choc-full of even more valuable lessons than I remember giving…

I spoke to "Team Renewal" for nearly an hour - and we covered a lot of things from why people really push back at our cash fees or prescription of care... why it’s relevant for PT Clinics to be aware of why consumers spend more with Apple than Microsoft, for essentially the same thing…
…and then it gets really interesting… we debated “delayed gratification” and how it hurts every PT Business whether they like it or not… why new, everyday things like Amazon Prime will condition your patients to want things faster than you can possibly deliver and what that means for your clinic…and I leave the training with a debate about why patients will often tell you they don’t want to travel too far for their PT, but they somehow manage to justify travelling miles away if their hairdresser moves to the other side of town….

Enjoy the episodes - there is a lot to learn from this one.

Note: If you want to know how you can hire Paul to come to your clinic or speak at your event, then use this form to make an inquiry: www.paulgough.com/hire-me


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