Training: "How To Get Better At Selling: Urgent Coping Strategies To Solve The Cash PT Conversion Crisis"

This one is epic - it is a recording of a live training attended by over 500 PT's and together we “blew-the-doors off” the stigma that comes with “selling in healthcare”…

It’s for you if you are a cash-based business having difficulty with the, “Do you take my insurance?” question, or if you are just not that confident about selling your value or raising your rates…

It’s most definitely for you if you consider yourself great at what you do FOR people (with your amazing PT skills) - and you are proud to sell your services because you know that when you do - you change peoples lives.

More: We quite literally “stuck-two-fingers” up to the old-school-crew who think we shouldn’t be selling our services...

As I pointed out on the training, it’s only the PT's who are “lapping it up” with referrals from Doctors (often selling themselves short with lunches and expensive gestures to get those referrals) who have a problem with the smaller cash-pay clinics like you and I trying to make our way in the world simply by selling our true value with passion, pride and integrity.

Be warned - I got VERY emotional and DEEPLY passionate very early on, and there is some strong language as I go all in quickly…

You’ll learn all about how to raise your rates, the 5 step-higher sales system, what the difference between marketing and sales really is - and how to recognize the 6 most common situations of your PT Business that you will need to be able to sell your value well!

Listen right to the end to hear about the opportunity for you and I to work together at my Exclusive 2-Day Sales and Conversion Bootcamp in my beloved San Diego, happening in December 2nd-3rd 2017. Details here: www.ptprofitacademy.com/sales

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