“Ask Me Anything About Paul’s Business” - With Vicki Smith

This Audio Experience is an intimate recording of “Vicki” teaching a group of Top UK Physio Business Owners (at a recent Mastermind Event I held at my Clinic in Hartlepool…)

Every 3 months I get together with a group of Top Business Owners (invitation only) - and because it’s held at my clinic, I take the chance to bring some of my amazing staff into the room and let the questions fly about what we do here day-to-day, and explain how the business operates so well without me…

Vicki is my Clinics' Manageress - PLUS, she has the vital role of being one of the people in our “sales” dept. You might hear me call it the “Follow-Up Team” or the “Nurture Team” - but basically, it’s sales. There isn’t a successful business alive that doesn’t have a great sales department - and just because it’s healthcare, doesn’t mean that we are exempt from needing to sell the value of our services.

For most Physiotherapy Businesses - the salesman is the referring DOCTOR. That’s fine if you are happy to rely upon Doctor referrals - but if you are wanting to be successful without relying upon Doctors, then knowing how to "sell your value" is something you will need to get VERY good at!

No questions are off limits in this recording - and the questions come in thick and fast. Vicki shares a lot of things she’s learned from me over the years with a big emphasis on converting more leads to paying patients at higher prices (sales!).

Thumbnail image: Here I am with a group of the UK's Premier Physiotherapy Business Owners, Ryan Rieder, Dave O'Sullivan, Gavin Noble, John Prouse and Colin Gordon - at a recent 2 day Mastermind Event I held at my clinic in Hartlepool

If you'd like to find out how you can become a part of Paul's US and UK Mastermind, go here: www.ptprofitacademy.com/mastermind-a

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