Assets Put Money In Your Pocket - Review Of My Most Recent Q3 Mastermind

I kick off every financial quarter with a Private Mastermind Meeting with some of the best business owners in the world…

It's the end of my “Q3” Meeting and I’m driving back to my home town of “Hartlepool”, reflecting on my learning from the event.

I think the biggest thing I learned this time was the importance of “strengthening your assets…”

Assets put money in your pocket - and when you bring your attention to what your assets actually are - and duly strengthen as needed - it is more likely that you’ll see a bigger bump in your revenue and profit…

Listen right to the end as I also talk about something called “second order consequence” - an interesting concept that is very appropriate for the summer months when, traditionally, businesses like ours can be tempted to “slow down” Marketing activity. Find out why it might not be a smart move to do so…

If you want to join Paul Gough’s “Business Success” Mastermind Program for the World's Best Physical Therapy Business Owners, the details are here: www.ptprofitacademy.com/mastermind-a

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