“How I Now Justify Leaving My Kids To Learn More About Growing My Business”

In this one I share an insight into how I am better able to justify being away from my family whenever I have to attend an event or a seminar…

I do a lot of travelling - often transatlantic - and I am always fighting with obvious “pain” of leaving my kids (and business) whenever I have to spend days away at a seminar or an event - even though I know it is necessary for my personal development and business growth and that means it will inevitably benefit my family as a whole.

In the past, I used to think that to get back to my kids as fast as possible was the right thing to do. As in, seminar finishes at 5 pm on Sunday, I want to be on the 8pm flight back to Britain…

These days, I do something completely different - and it allows me to justify the time - and expense - of being away from home and my business. I wish I had learned this years ago and I am glad to be able to pass it on to you now…

Thumbnail image: That’s me, and two of the most influential PT Business Owners Aaron LeBauer and Greg Todd at the Smart Success PT Live event that happened in Clearwater Beach, Florida.

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