"Risking A Large Chunk Of The Upside"

This one is a live Audio Experience from a 3-Day Marketing Event I did In Alexandria, VA, recently with 10 amazing PTs…

Listen in as you hear me talk about how I risked a “small chunk of downside” - for a “huge potential chunk of UPSIDE” - when I made the decision to flip my business from one that was “waiting for the phone to ring” all day - to one that meant our Marketing focused more on getting Leads and Converting them (Lead Generation Marketing).

As I moved over to this model of Marketing (and away from the doctor referrals or word of mouth stuff) it landed my business with “chaos” (in the short term) as we had an increased volume of work load and output - without the extra staff to cope with it.

But here’s the thing: I wasn’t prepared to hire someone to help us until I proved to myself over a 3-6 month period that we could make it work…

I made a big, bold, strategic decision to let some areas of my business “slip” for a few months while we went after what I consider to be the biggest area of opportunity I had ever had in business. I am so glad that I did - and this episode reveals the “thinking” that went on as I made my way through the chaos and towards the goal…

Thumbnail image: that’s me with one of Florida's best PT's “Jake Berman”, owner of Berman Physical Therapy - taken outside the White House during a 3-Day Marketing Event I did in Alexandria, VA recently with 10 incredible PT Business Owners.

If you want to work with Paul for 3-Days at this “More Cash, More Profits” Marketing Event you’re about to listen in on, the full details are here of the next class:


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