CEO Series: Interview with top PT Jake Berman | Episode 108

CEO Series: Interview with top PT Jake Berman, of Berman PT Naples, FL

This is the start of a brand new segment on the Podcast where I expose what it takes to become a true CEO and Leader of a company that does not rely upon the owner treating patients.

We’re highlighting clinic owners who are already at that point or are actively working towards removing themselves from day to day treating of patients in their business.

In this episode, the first interview of what we’re calling the “CEO Series”, I interview PT Jake Berman, of Naples Florida.

I first met Jake 3 years ago when he was at just 6-8 visits per week, fast forward just 3.5 years and he’s now crushing it with a clinic that he owns the premises of. HE has 6 staff, is making over 6-figures in profit and best of all, Jake is working less than 5 hours per week.

Jake is well on his way to owning a business that does not rely upon what he is doing day-to-day to make money.

You’ll hear us talk about things like:

His biggest hiring mistakes - and what he now does differently, the mindset need to hand over patients to clients who want to see you, dealing with “rockstars”, how to get better candidates for your most important roles, accepting that others will never do the same job as you, and so much more on this Episode.

For those of you who want to replicate what Jake has done, here's his path to success with me:

Jake started with Accelerator, then joined my 4% Club Mastermind Program and he’s also now part of my exclusive CEO Club (Round table Mastermind) that is for the top performers of my community; it’s a program that is for owners who want to remove themselves from the day-to-day operations of their clinic.

The Accelerator Program that Jake started with is available here: www.AcceleratorNow.com

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