“The Fortune Is In The Follow Up”

This is a highlight from a recent Mastermind Coaching call that I did with my amazing group…

…and in it, I talk about what I believe to be the biggest opportunity for significant business growth - and that’s in the “Follow Up”!

I coined the phrase “The Fortune Is In The Follow Up” because I see so many businesses who, if they just took the time to follow back up with people who made inquires but didn’t book, dropped off, or didn’t show up after they booked, they would be a lot wealthier than they are today…

At the Paul Gough Physio Rooms, when we hear “NO” - it just means “no, not right now!”…

The Fortune really is in the FOLLOW UP - and the difference that having a dedicated follow up person in my office calling these people all day is worth thousands to my bottom line each month.

Have a listen - and if you are not part of a like-minded community of business owners like this (a Mastermind), who are sharing strategies and helping you to learn how to solve problems in your business, then I strongly urge you to consider joining one…

Thumbnail: That’s me with “Andrew Dombek” - one of Virginia's Top PT's and business owner of AID Performance Physical Therapy, LLC at a recent Mastermind Event in San Diego


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