How Much $$$ Should You Pay Yourself In the Early Years Of Growing A Business?

I love this question - simply because it really starts to separate the “solo-practitioners” - from the “business owners”.

In the beginning of growing a business, no body really thinks about anything except paying the bills.

At first you want to survive, then you want to enjoy some breathing space - and hopefully a couple of years later, you want to enjoy the fruits of your profits with a nice take home pay that lets you live the life you want.

And all that happened to me - until I realized that what I really  wanted from my business was something I call “long-term wealth creation”…

I didn’t want a high paid job!

I wanted an asset that would pay me the same income wether I was there each day or not. Being in that situation now is “sweet” - but getting there came with a lot of pain!

I had to take a “$100K” per year pay CUT and re-invest the money back into staff, systems, business coaching and everything else that was required of me to get to this point I am at now.

What would I do if I had my time and I was starting again? Would I have re-invested earlier? Here’s what I recommend you do if you are wanting to get from working your business - to having your business in a situation that it is a long-term wealth generator for you…

Thumbnail image: with Amy Pakula, one of Montana’s top PT Business Owners, at Paul’s recent Mastermind Event in San Diego.

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