Audio Experience 06 - A Keynote: Halsa Care Group Annual Conference, London

This Keynote marked the start of a 7 week trip that took me from London > Austin > San Antonio > New Mexico > San Diego > Las Vegas > Phoenix > LA and up to Seattle! I got face-to-face with 1000’s of PTs (…and the worlds best Chiropractors) and over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing with you some highlights from the many talks that I gave…

This is one of my favourite ever Keynotes because it was given to a room packed-full of Physiotherapists AND Chiropractors for one of the top health care companies in the UK…

Now I know what you’re thinking - “do they all get along”?? haha, well, it was one of the first questions I asked and apparently yes, they all do…

With well over 100 Therapists in the room the energy was high at the “Halsa Care Group” Annual conference in Windsor, London, and the questions at the end were awesome so be sure to listen all the way as I share with you some of my best and most foundational principles for success in your business…

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