Audio Experience 05  -The Wheel Of Engagement & How Much You Should Budget For Marketing

You’re about to listen to a snippet of another keynote that Paul gave to a group of PT Business Owners, live in Las Vegas.

And in this Audio Experience, Paul introduces you to what he calls “The Wheel of Engagement”… the process by which you use multiple marketing Media to bring more new clients to your clinic.

If you are using Facebook or Instagram, Google, or Email - or any other Media to interact with your patients - it’s important to know HOW to leverage each of those platforms to get your message out - and grow your audience - on the other platforms. PLUS, how much should you budget for Marketing? Listen in to find out…

If you are a $400k+ Per Year Business Owner, take a look at this: www.ptprofitacademy.com/hire-pauls-team

This Episode's picture is a group photo taken following a Keynote Paul did in Las Vegas with some of the Paul Gough Community.

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