Audio Experience 04 - Why You Should Never Ask Your Patients “IF” They Have Any Questions…

In this Audio Experience Paul talks to you about how to help your patients - and staff - ask better questions. That might sound strange, but it’s true that most human beings don’t know how to ask questions when they are given the chance - and that’s a problem for Practitioners and Business Owners.

Think about it - how many times do you ask someone “do you have any questions for me?” and they mostly tell you “no”… yet, deep down inside you know that they most likely do - they just don’t know what to ask - or feel comfortable asking it. When you understand how to help your patients (and staff) ask better questions - ones that reveal their true level of understanding of what you have said to them - it’s a lot easier to get compliance from both. Enjoy the episode recorded live in Las Vegas at the Jerry Durham/Jeff Moore Patient Experience Event attended by top PTs from all over the USA.

- If you want to bring Paul to your clinic or an Event you are hosting, apply here:" www.ptprofitcademy.com/profits-workshop

This Episode's picture is Paul with PT student "Matthew Villages" - who joined us after a recent keynote in Las Vegas.

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